Courses and Workshops

Courses and Workshops

The Truth
The World is about to experience so much. Fear now will stop the process of enlightenment which brings with it the need to survive in such challenging times. If you are semi aware, then you now have a duty to be fully aware. It is the Spiritual energy and our connection that will help us to make the great changes that the Planet needs. The spiritual options we have need to be exercised as they and they alone will help us to evolve into a new era, and beyond. We chose to be here for this, many of us re-incarnated just to be around when we are going to be most needed.
Above all this workshop will eradicate fear on all levels, and fit us for what we may face. Hard hitting and frank, the truth is what needs to be said, and let us not waste time in making our progress along the pathway, however difficult it may be. The golden light of the age of a new dawn will be our guide. We will together ask for new guides in a ceremony of love and light that will strengthen our purpose and find us protected by the Universal love the Planet has always shown us. We will armour to fight, live to love, and love to be at the side of those who need us for whatever and whenever that will be.
We will step into the violet flame of St Germain unafraid and complete, and balance our inner energies with meditations with the Ascended Masters, as we call upon them to help us help ourselves and others.
Love, Spirit and Faith will mean that we will welcome the dawning of a new Spiritual Age with open arms, so that we may know better our future and what we need to do to prepare. Forearmed is forewarned, and we have a challenging journey ahead!

The energies experienced in this day are comforting, grounding and empowering, as we journey through the angelic realms on a fact finding mission to learn more of these beings of light; who assist us so very much in our everyday lives here on Earth, and send us such a blessing.
Guardian angels are revealed and we will discover how to contact the four archangels of the Covenant, who send us a powerful message of help just when we really need it. This popular course dedicated to the Angels and Archangels who shape, promote, and save our lives on a daily basis teaches us more about ourselves as we look within to see what we are missing.
The subtle energy level on this course is one of true love as we examine through our souls and our hearts a system of heavenly protection, and the answers to many of the questions that explode the myths about angel hierarchy, and re dedicate our lives absolutely and utterly.
Emotions fly high as we explore the depths of love that frame and support our conscious and unconscious lives. With teamwork and with our own angelic forces prevailing, we face the dawning of a new angel day in an unforgettable ceremony of light and love together, and know that we are never alone for as long as we live!

A one day workshop dedicated to exploring hidden depths in the art of placement through levels of intuitive Feng Shui.
From space clearing and dedication, to the implementing of Feng Shui through the body and soul to reflect on the environments we hold dear, this course is dedicated to those who seek order in a world of chaos, and to live in peace and harmony within their own surroundings.
Come prepared to work but also to have a lot of fun as we explore the hidden depths of Feng Shui’s subtle energies, which work whether we believe in them or not.
As an introduction, this popular course attracts people from all works of life who are looking for something more to enrich their home environment and see the world through the eyes of the peace of past masters as an ancient art translates into everyday life.
It is hard to believe that one day can change your life, but with the subtle energies of this ancient and fascinating art exposed, and harnessed, the process starts here.
We will learn for our studies and bridge the gap the modern world has made, and our appreciation of our homes will be heightened forever.


Imagine yourself entering personal space through relaxation and meditation and finding a useful tool that will grow with you and your spiritual needs as you develop and start to take your place on the pathway. Imagine calling on the spiritual connection you need to make and never, ever feeling alone again as you explore the endless possibilities of your inner peace.
Through meditation and breath work Kenny will take you on a journey to the depths of your own soul stirring the emotions you need to empower you at each and every step and the end result is an unforgettable and permanent connection.
If you feel blocked or stuck, this afternoon workshop is for you, and you will start to see that you are merely pausing and awaiting the further instructions you need. Your journey is tailor made and can be backed up before or after by tutorial and other courses.

This new three part professional course is designed to work towards working with inner energies to establish higher control and to start to channel. It is highly recommended for those who know that they have work to do, but who may be uncertain of what direction to take. Using inner reserves and stimulating psychic intelligence from within it is possible to meet with your Guide face to face, and to connect with other higher beings. At this stage the course shifts to support the possibility of voice contact and self revelation and exploration, as we explore further the way forward towards true spiritual enlightenment, and the grasping of new skills in the process.
Experience isn’t necessary, but please come prepared to work and with an open mind to ensure progress comes from within. The first workshop starts the ball rolling and is designed to help you to meet and greet your Spiritual Guide through a set of exercises that allow you to better know yourself, to share your experiences and to make significant steps along the elevated pathway to true enlightenment in the Higher Realms.