Guardian Angel Assignation

Guardian Angel Assignation

Reach Out and Touch Your Heavenly Guide!

From our birth to our final journey into the Spirit World we are loved and protected by one of the seventy two registered Guardian Angels. Knowing which Guardian is assigned to us helps us to build a new relationship and enables us to ask directly for what we need on a highly personal level.

A certificate is issued with relevant information about our devoted and unique Angel helper. In a World of turmoil and uncertainty we can be very sure that establishing a link with the Angel designated to us allows us to gain access to new directions of help and assures us of getting the very best Angel assistance on a new highly personal level.

There are seventy two Guardian Angels that cover each calendar year. Your own personal Guardian Angel connected with you at birth, and will only leave you to see you safely into the Next World one day. There is a chance to be brought in touch with your Angelic guide, and to know his name, rank and specific power, because this enlightening energy enters into the lives of those who are unafraid, and changes things, helping you to help yourself when you need it. Your days of devotion are revealed in this unique chance to be united with your Guardian.

Please send your birthdate to me, and your Guardian can be revealed, as well as a vigil for you to keep to enable contact through devotion. Angels are helping to save the World on a daily basis, and they can and they will help you!

Assignment is sent by email and is normally despatched within 72 hours.

Simply send your date of birth, (day, month and year) to: and your certificate will be sent to you, ready to print out. Certificates may be posted by snailmail too, in this case please add complete postal address, and a telephone contact number.